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Christina Krüsi (Switzerland)

Statement: “Reduction is boring; fullness is thrilling”

Christina Krüsi is a Swiss contemporary painter and sculptor. Krüsi was born in 1968 in Zürich, but grew up on a mission in the Bolivian jungle. As a child there, she suffered violent experiences and an overbearing educational system, both of which led to her later artistic and pedagogical work on behalf of human rights. 
After returning to Switzerland as a teenager, Krüsi studied for four years at different art schools and developed her artistic technique. She held her first successful art exhibit at 17, and has exhibited and sold her art regularly ever since. She now holds two Master’s degrees, and continues to challenge social and ethical ideologies, both as an artist and as an author. Most recently, her expansive artistic outlook has led her to create a new technical genre in Multimedia Digital Paintings, unique digital artworks based on photographs of her own oil paintings and sculptures.
Krüsi’s works have been exhibited worldwide. She lives and works in Switzerland, and is currently an artist in residence in London.


2018 Krüsi begins a new series of artworks, based around the concept, ”Children are our future.”

2016 Publication of The Diary of Christina Krüsi, a collection of stories behind Krüsi’s artworks.
2015 Krüsi begins to experiment with combining her paintings and sculptures digitally in Digital Multimedia Paintings, while continuing to create oil paintings, drawings and sculptures in bronze.
2014 Krüsi illustrates The Divine Comedy: Inferno by Dante Alighieri.
2013 Publication of Das Paradies War Meine Hölle (Paradise Was My Hell) through Droemer Knaur (Munich, Germany).
2012 Master’s degree in Education Management/Conflict Management at Zürich University for Applied Sciences (ZHAW).
2007 Krüsi founds the art magazine MAP in Winterthur, Switzerland.
2007 Master’s degree in Culture Management at Zürich University for Applied Sciences (ZHAW).
1990–2005 Krüsi teaches adult-education art classes in Switzerland.
1994–1997 Vocational training: sculpture and anatomy in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.
19941995 Vocational training: College for Art and Design in Zürich, Switzerland.
1992–1994 Krüsi works as an illustrator in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.
1986–1987 Vocational training: School of Arts in St. Gallen, Switzerland.
1985–1986 Vocational training: School of Arts in Stuttgart, Germany.
1980–1984 Secondary education in Switzerland.
1972–1979 Elementary education at the American School in Tumi Chucua, Bolivia.
1968 Born in Zürich, Switzerland.


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